American Express Settles Legal Challenges from US Merchants

American Express has agreed to settle two class action lawsuits filed by various US merchants pending approval by the courts. The first lawsuit, filed in 2006, regards the non-discrimination provisions in the company’s merchant contracts. The second lawsuit from 2004 regards American Express’ Honor All Cards provisions. American Express hopes that the settlements will be

Federal Reserve Payments Study Reveals Trends in Non-Cash Payment Patterns

Just over a few weeks ago the latest edition of the Federal Reserves Payment Study was released to the public. The study revealed more about the growing trend of non-cash payments shifting towards credit and debit cards and away from checks. These trends are important to track for small business owners as they identify growing

Mobile Apps Offer Customers New In-Store Payment Methods

A growing trend in retail has been the implementation of customer-based check out processes. Manual check out stations are becoming a staple and grocery stores and now anyone with an iOS Apple mobile device may be able to complete a purchase without swiping a card in a store. This has significant implications for high risk

Handling AVS Mismatches for Credit and Debit Transactions

A common stumbling block for small businesses is AVS (Address Verification System) mismatches during credit or debit card transactions. There mismatches are fairly common and can occur online or in person. They’re an inconvenience to the customer who temporarily loses the funds used for the purchase and they’re an inconvenience to the merchant because they

Debt Collection Software: Collections Max understands the difficulties involved with running a debt collection agency. It’s a high-risk business that comes with numerous challenges to overcome. Aside from operational concerns such as merchant accounts, finding appropriate software to run your business through can be a headache for any entrepreneur. Debt collection software is pricey if you want performance and

‘Tis the Season For Retail Revenue…and Chargebacks

Commercial retailers love the holiday season almost as much as kids do because they receive the best present possible: a flood of revenue streams. The holiday season alone can account for 60% or more of any business’ annual sales profit. The convenience of online shopping and customers trending towards the at-home shopping experience means that

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