Merchant Accounts For Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Bizops is a merchant account provider for multi-level marketing and Bizops, offering credit card processing systems despite the risky sentiments associated with these types of businesses. We are experienced with the legal issues surrounding multi-level marketing companies and Bizops, so you can trust in us to set up your credit card payment processing gateway. We

What is an Internet Payment Gateway? Is it My Shopping Cart?

What is an Internet Payment Gateway? An Internet payment gateway is a special technology used for real time processing of credit card transactions on the web. If you own an online business, using a payment gateway allows you to confirm the transaction for your customer immediately, so they will know straight away if the transaction

Finding the Best Merchant Account for a Start Up Business

    Getting a Merchant Account for Start Up Business Getting a merchant account for a start up business can provide a challenge you don’t really want to deal with when you’re getting your new venture off the ground. It’s hard enough focusing on getting sales and building a customer base without having to deal

High Ticket & High Volume Merchant Accounts – Approved

Your Guide to High Ticket Merchant Accounts If your business regularly engages in big-ticket transactions – between $5,000 and $30,000, for example – you may find it difficult to lock in a reliable and reasonably priced high ticket merchant account. Most standard merchant account plans are not designed for high priced items, and as a

Merchant Accounts For Nutraceuticals offers electronic payment processing services to nutraceutical companies. Because of the lack of governmental regulation and health risks associated with the nutraceutical industry, nutraceutical companies are considered high risk by banks. eMerchantBroker is experienced at helping high risk companies such as nutraceutical companies set up credit card payment processing systems. We understand the specific

Merchant Accounts For Moving Companies & Transportation Services is experienced with setting up moving company merchant accounts and transportation service merchant accounts. Because of the high safety risks and risks of property damages associated with these services, many traditional banks consider these services higher risk. is experienced at providing credit card processing services for these types of companies. We are experienced

Merchant Accounts For Online Furniture Sales

At, we can help your online furniture company set up credit card processing services. Because furniture can easily be damaged during shipping, traditional banks consider online furniture sales high risk because of high chargeback rates. eMerchantBroker can help your online furniture sales store get up and running easily regardless of the high risks. We

Merchant Accounts For E-Books & Software is experienced in helping to set up credit card processing services for e-books and software. With an extremely high profit margin, e-books and software are very popular as long as orders can be processed smoothly. While some traditional banks consider e-books or software higher risk, can help set up credit card processing quickly

Educational Seminars Merchant Accounts

eMerchantBroker provides high quality merchant account services for payment of educational seminars. Our credit card processing services with a variety of different payment gateways, will help ensure your educational seminar payment system is running smoothly and efficiently. Because of risks associated with educational seminar merchant accounts, most traditional banks will decline your merchant account, however

Merchant Accounts For Debt Consolidation provides debt consolidation merchant accounts to help debt consolidation services provide payment gateway despite the high risks. Because of chargeback possibility and larger ticket transactions, debt consolidation services are considered high risk by traditional banks. At, we can help you get your debt consolidation electronic payment system up and running quickly and easily.