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A merchant account is vital to the successful operation of most businesses in todays market. We provide merchant services for retail, Internet, telephone and delivery businesses. We specialize in high risk merchant accounts.

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High Risk Merchant Account

Many businesses are classified as “high risk” by the merchant processing industry. These legitimate, legal businesses face many challenges when processing electronic payments. We are the top rated provider of high risk merchant accounts in the United States.

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Award Winning is the nations leading provider of high risk merchant accounts. We approve 99% of all applications submitted. Merchants can work with directly and experience first hand the professionalism and attention to detail that has made us the #1 provider in the country of high risk merchant accounts.


Check Processing

Electronic check processing changes the way you do business for the better. Offering customers as many avenues and payment methods is step one, easily handling your revenue stream is step two to maximize your business’ efficiency and revenue cycle.

Merchants like you are no longer required to go to the banks to deposit checks thanks to electronic check processing eliminating confusing phone calls and web forms.

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Chargeback Suite

Electronic payment processes really open the door for merchants to reach new markets but they come with drawbacks. One of the greater threats to your business’ bottom line are chargebacks. eMerchantBroker has partnered with Verifi and Verifi’s new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN).

By networking with both banks and card issuers the CDRN is giving merchants something they’ve been lacking until now: direct control over resolving credit transaction disputes.

eMerchantBroker has partnered with Verifi and Verifi’s new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), as well as the Ethoca chargeback alert network.

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